Best two days for a boat owner... the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it.

Fractional Boating provides the benefits of boat ownership without the worries and costs of the real thing. Reserve your boat, sign on, have fun, go home worry free. Our new boats are maintained, professional cleaned, and in top shape year-round. Add up the costs of sole boat ownership and see the actual cost advantage:

Boat owners can easily spend over $1,300 - $3,500 per month on a modestly priced boat. Calculate the average boater's use of only a couple times per month, and each outing can be quite expensive.

Membership dues on our new luxury boats range between $225-$595 per month, all-inclusive of boat usage, slip fees, insurance and maintenance. And when each member is allotted nearly unlimited use of several club boats, the cost per outing is much less.

In addition to the cost advantage, becoming a member is far easier than purchasing your own boat. Just choose your membership level, take a couple of short training courses, and you're off and running.

Boat owners also are stuck in their boats for years at a time. Our members are only committed to an annual membership. Afterwards each member may choose to continue their membership or cancel their membership. Also, members may always upgrade their membership level at any time without penalty.

And finally, boat club members never have to worry about significant mechanical issues, depreciation of the value of the boat, having to go through the hassles of selling the boat, trailering the boat down to the lake each time, having to store a trailer, having to winterize or perform time-consuming maintenance tasks like oil changes or repairing electrical malfunctions, etc. They simply show up and leave the boat in an orderly fashion. Blue Sky Boat Club takes care of the rest.

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