Greetings Future Blue Sky Boat Club Member!

Below you'll find our Price Sheet. We know that you have already determined that our costs are at least 66% off the normal costs of sole boat ownership and that the boat club alternative is the smartest choice to being a boater in Austin. Here are a few reasons you might find Blue Sky to fit your needs among our competition:

1) Blue Sky Boat Club offers you the most access to Austin's most desirable boats!

You will have nearly UNLIMITED access to high quality, late model Wakeboard boats like Air Nautiques, versatile boats like the Sea Ray open bow ski boats, and luxury pontoon boats like Crest and Bentley that have fuel efficient and powerful four-stroke engines. Members may take out club boats every single day, and have the most reservations to have on the calendar than any other club!

2) Blue Sky Boat Club offers Austin's most exclusive boat share program allowing members access to Austin's most exclusive lake!

As a Blue Sky member, you’ll notice that the member usage is the smallest in Austin, with many members using the boats less than once per month. Our small size and membership ratio allows maximum usage of boats and allows our staff to focus on quality and service.

3) Blue Sky Boat Club operates from the closest, most premier marinas in town!

A first class operation demands first class locations. Boats are docked inside exclusive, highly desirable slips that others wait years to gain access to. Only minutes from town and where you live, you will find there is no club that can offer this level of convenience and class!

4) Blue Sky Boat Club offers members the longest running, most efficient club in Austin!

Our experienced and responsible membership pool, solid business model and development of a sophisticated automated system affords members the confidence that they will enjoy boating in the club for years to come; plus Blue Sky is the only club that allows members to use boats with no staff presence needed. Book your boat outings online, check on and off the boat with your smart phone...members enjoy a truly member-oriented, cutting edge club that is second to none!

Gaining Access to Austin's Premier Boat Club could not be Easier!

Price Sheet for Lake Austin

All memberships include:

  • 7 outings on the reservation calendar at any given time
  • Unlimited boat usage…members are able to go out every single day!
  • Guaranteed 7 outings per month Minimum... or money back!
  • Boats, Slip fees, Maintenance and Insurance included!

Green Membership

  • $499 startup fee
  • $299 per half-day (4-hour) outing on Pontoon boats and Ski boats

Blue Membership

Unlimited access to Ski boats and Pontoon boats on Lake Austin.

  • $999 one-time startup fee
  • $5,988 annual dues (that's only $499/mo!)

Black Diamond Membership

Unlimited access to Surf/Wakeboarding Boats, Ski boats and Pontoon boats on Lake Austin

  • $1,999 one-time startup fee
  • $8,388 annual dues (that's only $699/mo!)

Members are responsible for checking on and off the boat with any web-enabled smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.), fueling, cleaning & covering the boat upon return, and providing personal ski vests, tow ropes and water sports equipment.

Additional Costs:

  • All members contribute $250 at the end of each year for boat depreciation
  • One-time $500 half-refundable deposit
  • Annual sales tax

Optional Upgrades:

  • Additional members may be added to the primary member’s account at 50% of the prices above.
  • Daily equipment rental includes any water sports toy (wakeboards, surfboards, skis, tubes, Lily Pads, paddleboards etc.) for $25 per outing
  • Valet Service: our staff will prep and place desired equipment on your boat prior to your outing plus clean, re-fuel and cover the boat upon return for $35 per outing plus fuel cost

Contact a Blue Sky representative now to get signed up and start using boats immediately! Contact us at (512) 327-2200 or

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