Do you also have boat rentals by the hour or day?
Yes, please call 512-327-2200 and press option 1 for information or visit for more details.

Where are the Boat Club boats located?
Lake Austin Marina (

Does a member have access to any boat in the club?
YES. Depending on the membership level you choose, you may have access to all Pontoon boats, Ski boats, Competition Inboard boats and/or Deck boats on Lake Austin, Lake Travis or both. Powerboat members may reserve outings from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., or 2 p.m. to dusk. Members may double up on one day and keep the boat from 8 a.m. to dusk.

Can members keep the boat out past dark?
No. Club members must return the boat to the slip prior to the sun setting. This will ensure that each member can see their boat in order to properly clean and organize it for the next member. It also reduces the possibility of damage from objects in the lake that members can't see, and the possibility of any members getting lost after dark.

How many members are allowed in the program?
We pride ourselves on having a low member to boat ratio, and the member pool may change at any given time. If we reach our maximum allowable member pool, we will cap it off or simply purchase additional boats to keep everyone enjoying the availability you're used to. Since most of our members live busy lives, many members do not max out their boat usage so the boats are available more times than not. As most members generally use the club boats 2-3 times per month, there are a lot of open outings that members can choose from. Sometimes you may not get the exact boat you want or the exact day, but rest assured that you will have more than enough choices and outings to choose from during any given month.

I'm concerned that the other members will take all the good spots and boats, and I'll be forced to use the boats I don't want on days I don't want. Is there any way of guaranteeing boats and days?
The further in advance you make your reservations, the more likely it will be to get the exact boat and day you want. Since most members only book 2-4 weeks out, the calendar is pretty open so that you can pick and choose what works best for you. Also, since our boats are all new and retired after 2-3 years in service, we will constantly be adding new boats and changing the fleet over from time to time. This will grant you access to new boats every few months so the excitement of taking a new boat out will never really go away.

Are members responsible for fuel?
Yes. Each member will be required to fill the boat with the fuel they use for any given outing.

How do I get started?
Simply contact us and we can arrange a tour of the boats, answer any additional questions you may have, then after a short application process and training you can begin making reservations and using the boats.

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