Reserve. Relax. Repeat.

Designing your boating calendar is a Breeze:

A sophisticated online scheduling calendar enables all members to book their boat outings up to a year in advance. Club members are able to book up to 7 boat reservations on the calendar at any given time (2 weekend outings and 5 weekday outings).

Once an outing is used, the member is able to re-book a similar reservation in the future, giving virtually unlimited access to the boats. If your schedule allows it, you could be on the lake almost every single day. Depending on the boats you select, you can have access to a multitude of Pontoon boats, Ski boats, Wakeboarding boats and Deck boats to have in your personal fleet.

Checking on and off your boat is a Breeze:

An intuitive 'one-click' handheld PDA accompanies each boat for the members' ability to sign on and off their boat. Providing accountability of previous members and immediate information flow to the proper contacts, the PDA allows members to check on their boat without staff having to lead each member to their boat every time. Your friends won't even know it's not your boat.

Members replace the fuel they use, and are responsible for any toys or equipment (other than safety equipment) needed on their outing. We pride ourselves in boasting a responsible and accountable member pool. All BSBC members adhere to guidelines of boat cleanliness, tardiness, and limit any misuse. BSBC boats all look like they're new and impressive to your family, friends and clients.

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