How do you justify buying a brand new performance powerboat with your busy schedule?

Blue Sky Boat Club has the easiest way for your to own your dream boat without the costs or hassles holding you back.

Each new boat in the Blue Sky Boat Club is owned by a member. Whether it makes more financial sense, or you can't see yourself 'leasing', the BSBC owner/member program might be the best option.

Our boat owners enjoy unlimited use of their boats. Each owner/member is guaranteed their 7 scheduled reservations, plus unlimited 'as available' use of the boat if no other member has reserved it.

In addition, owner/members enjoy the cost benefit of having little or no monthly expenses for up to three years. Just place a small down payment on the boat you choose, and BSBC takes care of the costs until the service completion. At the end, it's your boat to do with what you please. Trade it in for a new one, sell it, keep it for's your call. The Club maintains the boat for the duration, and the responsible members keep the boat in great shape, so the boat is in the best condition it can be in upon its service completion.

How to enroll:
Contact us to discuss the different options of the O/M program. Each boat is unique, and every boat owner is particular. We'll do our best to fit you into a new boat that you'll be proud to own, especially knowing the details are taken care of for you.

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